Unrefined Coconut Oil Health Benefits

What is Coconut oil ?

oil pullingCoconut oil is quite simply the oil that is extracted from the flesh of the mature coconut (drupe) of the Coconut palm.

Most Coconut oil is edible but also has uses in medicine and industry.

I’m going to discuss the properties of coconut oil and also the types of the oil that are on the market for human consumption.



Properties of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is clear when at temperatures above 30 degrees centigrade. In its solid form it is white in appearance.

Being rich in saturated fats, it is one of the the kitchens most stable cooking oils and has a very long shelf life. Its high smoke point temperature at 232 degrees centigrade make it ideal for most cooking.

It is made up of saturated fatty acids most of which are medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

The MCT’s in this oil are lauric acid , capric acid, caprylic acid and caproic acid all of which have great health benefits.

100 g fresh coconut oil contains 44.6 g of lauric acid, we will come to lauric acid later in this post.

It also has a high calorific value 860 calories in 100 grams of oil and all from fats there are no carbohydrates and insignificant amounts of  protein and vitamins.



unrefined_coconut_oil_health_benefitsHealth Benefits of Coconut oil.

Right do not be expecting a 200 bullet point list here!

There are literally hundreds of uses for coconut oil but this chapter is only going to cover the health benefits offered by Organic Unrefined (virgin) coconut oil.


 1. Weight loss

weight lossCoconut oil has properties that help reduce your appetite thereby reducing your calorific intake which could have a positive effect on weight loss. the fatty acids in it helps to burn fat, I will elaborate on this subject in a future post.

2.  Lauric Acid

lauric acidLauric acid makes up 50 percent of the fatty acids in coconut oil. Lauric acid is proven to have antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties.


3.  Oral health – Oil Pulling


oil-pullingTry just a spoon of coconut oil daily after brushing. Take it into your  mouth and allow to melt.

Swish the oil around your mouth and pull  through your teeth and around your gums for between 10-20 mins.

All the  bacteria from your mouth are suspended in the oil so please do not swallow.

Just spit it out and have a quick rinse with water. Try this for a  couple of weeks and you will see and feel a difference in your mouth and  smile.


4.  Helps to prevent heart disease.


heart_oilThe saturated fats in coconut oil and particularly the medium chain triglycerides are known

to increase the healthy cholesterol  in your body. Not only that but they also help to convert the “bad” cholesterol into good cholesterols.

By increasing the healthy cholesterols in the body, it promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and lowers the risk of heart disease.



5.  Boosts the Immune System



As previously mentioned coconut oil is actually 50 percent lauric acid.

When consumed the body converts the lauric acid to monolaurin, an antiviral agent that is known to fight off a variety of pathogens and viruses.

Just a table spoon full a day could be enough to help you fend off those nasty bugs.


 6.  Improves Digestion

Coconut oil can help improve your gut health by destroying any bad bacteria present.

Candida imbalance especially can decrease stomach acid which causes inflammation and poor digestion.

Lauric acid is effective at fighting off candida.


7.  Hair care


shampooCoconut oil is extremely good for dry hair and dandruff,

Use it daily either by making your own shampoo or by just massaging a small amount into you scalp.

On a recent holiday I used it in my hair daily, and my partner said she had never seen my hair in better condition.

If you look in any pharmacy at the shampoo section you will be amazed just how many brands have coconut as one of the active ingredients.


8.  Skin infections and conditions


skin careCoconut oil is excellent for moisturising dry skin and I use it every day after showering and bathing. I just rub it in my hands then all over my body.

It is rich in lauric, capric and caprylic acid which we have already learned have natural healing properties.

It has a multitude of application to treat many skin conditions such as the ones listed below


  • Psoriasis
  • Nappy Rash
  • Dry or flaky skin
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Sun burn
  • Bites, stings and burns
  • Dermatitis
  • Dandruff
  • small wounds/cuts
  • fungal nail infections


9.  Kidney Problems


Coconut oil has been shown to be useful in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases. It has also been used medically to help with dissolving kidney stones.


10.  Epilepsy

Using Coconut oil is often part of the ketogenic diet as it is high in Medium chain triglycerides which are easily converted to keytones by the liver.

The ketogenic diet is often used in the treatment of epilepsy.


What types of Coconut oil can you buy ?

There are various types of coconut oil on the market but typically you should be looking for only two for your personal use.

Refined coconut oil.

Refined coconut oil or RBD which stands for refined, bleached and deodorized, This is made from the dried meat of the coconut (copra) which is not fit for consumption until it undergoes the RBD process.Refined oil is great if you’re on the budget, Be sure to look out for hydrogenated on the label. IF YOU SEE HYDROGENATED KEEP CLEAR.

Unrefined coconut oil. Also better known as virgin coconut oil

This oil is untreated and pressed from the undried meat of the coconut. It is either cold pressed, expeller-pressed or centrifuged.

Cold pressed and expeller-pressed oils may have been exposed to heat in the extraction process which does not affect the nutrient qualities but may make the flavour stonger.

My recommendation and keywords to watch for are  Raw, organic,virgin, unrefined and  centrifuged coconut oil,

Any brand as long as it fulfils most of the above keywords.



What to look for when shopping?

For a great Unrefined Virgin coconut oil you should read the label first,

The colour should be white when solid and clear when liquid.

The aroma of a good quality oil will be coconut but not overly strong or smoky.

If the smell is odourless then it is most likely to have been refined.



We have discussed what coconut oil is, a few of its health benefits, the types on the market and what to look for when you shop for it.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please if you have any comments or questions feel free to use the comments section. ( I ANSWER EVERY COMMENT)

Enjoy your coconut oil and all the best of health to you all






Unrefined Coconut Oil Health Benefits — 16 Comments

  1. Hi Tim, I certainly recall coconut oil in shampoos etc but did not realise that it can also be used for a multitude of other things. What really interested me was that it could be beneficial for psoriasis which I annoyingly have on my leg or elbows therefore, I will definitely be giving it a try. Very useful post.

    • Paul I had very dry elbows and feet, since using coconut oil they have been smooth and moisturised. Give it a try for sure. Come back and let me know how you got on please?

      All the best Tim

  2. Most people (like me!) would’ve only heard about Argan oil or Olive oil so I really liked how you’ve incorporated coconut oil! I especially liked tip #3: Oral Health – Oil Pulling. It’s interesting how coconut oil works just like a regular dental mouthwash but with added hydrating and soothing benefits! Although I find that having to swish it around your mouth for 10-20 mins to be very long!

    • Hi Nura

      mmmm I agree it may seem long but you can crack on with other things whilst you are doing it.

      Thank you so much for your comments


  3. I remember being told that all saturated fats were bad for you and to be healthy they should be given a very wide berth. I was aware that the advice in relation to things like coconut oils had now changed, but I wasn’t aware of it’s versatility. The fact that it can help burn fat and suppress hunger surely makes it a miracle food?

    • Boyo

      I have hardly even touched on the benefits of coconut oil , here you have the major health benefits but it can be used for so much more! Stay tuned :)

  4. Great post about something that I knew of, but didn’t really know about. I was aware there are some health benefits with coconut oil such as helping to reduce heart disease, but I had no idea about some of the others. I like the fact it can boost your immune system. As I travel a lot, I will try to use it to avoid catching bugs on the planes. Thanks.

  5. Hi,

    Great website you have made. I really like how you’ve designed your site. It is easy to navigate. Also, the format of your site is nice and easy to read. I will be bookmarking your site to refer back to for future cases. Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.


  6. Hello there! I am a huge coconut oil and I use it on my skin, hair, nails, in smoothies and many recipes because I love the taste and aroma of it.
    I know that it is beneficial but I had no idea it can help with losing weight too! That is incredible!
    Thank you for informing us on all these health benefits of coconut oil!
    I love your website!

    • Hey Katerina, I’d love any recipes you have I intend putting a recipe post page up on here soon.

      Im so pleased you like the Website , It makes it worth the effort Have you seen my new article on how to open a coconut , its quite funny


  7. Hi Tim,
    I like your post, I use coconut oil myself and learned a lot from your post.
    I have never heard of oil pulling, I think I will try this myself and see what I think about it.
    I have also never tried rubbing on my skin. I can however imagine that this would work well.
    I do love cooking with coconut oil and using it in some of my favorite recipes.
    Thank you for writing,

  8. Wow, congratulations about this post. In my house we use it very frequently to cook. In losing weight without doing exercise thanks to the coconut oil. So much value inside of it, can be a little expensive, but it can save you a lot of money in long term. In heart disease only, this is a must have product that can’t be missed . hats off I bookmarked this post

  9. Hey I really like the concept of your website and how everything looks. It’s really easy on the eyes and it’s easy to navigate; you can go from one article to the next with no problem.

    This article came at a perfect time for me. I was just thinking about coconut oil the other day. I was wondering if i should add it to my daily life and now im sold on it.

    Thanks for the information, it was really helpful

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