Poolside Coconut Cocktail Recipes

Welcome to my Poolside Coconut Themed Cocktail Recipe’s

This is my first recipe post for this website and they are alcoholic recipes.

Coconut milk, coconut infused spirits, coconut water and cream are used all over the world in drinks.

I’m going to give a few recipes to create wonderful tasting, thirst quenching and leg wobbling cocktails.



cocktail_shaker_2You are going to need a bar 4 ounce measure (jigger) and a  20 ounce cocktail shaker.

If you don’t have these you can use a blender or a protein drink shaker.

As long as you are able to measure the amounts of each ingredient and give it a good mix.

You can pick up blenders fairly cheap and also cocktail making kits.

There are a couple of examples in the nutty coconut shop.



Pina Colada

pina coladaA drink that takes its origins from Puerto Rico


 3 ounce White Rum

 3 ounce Pineapple crushed or just juice

 2 ounce Coconut Cream


 Measure out the ingredients place into a shaker and shake. Pour into a glass        with ice and garnish to your taste.

Banana Cow

banana_cow_cocktailFor this drink you are going to be needing a blender!


1 ounce rum

1 whole banana

2 ounce Coconut cream and 1 ounce cream

Splash of grenadine and ice


Put all the ingredients together in a blender with some ice.

Give it a blast pour into a cocktail glass  and garnish


Jamaican Blues

jamaican_bluesA colourful number with Blue Curacao


1/4 ounce Blue Curacao

1 ounce Dark rum

2 ounce Coconut cream

2 ounce Pineapple juice

10 ounce Ice


Put the ingredients in a blender with the ice and give it a blast.

Pour into a tall glass and garnish


Road runner


1/2 once  Coconut Cream

1 ounce of  Vodka

1/2 ounce Amaretto

Couple of Ice cubes

and top with nutmeg


Place all the ingredients in blender with the ice, give it a blast.

Pour into a cocktail glass garnish and top with a little ground nutmeg.


Coconut Margarita

coconut_margaritaWant the tequila kick with coconut taste this ones for you


1  ounces tequilla

2 ounce Coconut cream

1 ounce Cointreau

½ ounce fresh lime juice



Put all the ingredients into your cocktail shaker.

Shake and pour into margarita glass. You can garnish the glass rim with salt if you want.



So there you have just a few cooling refreshing and maybe a little intoxicating recipes for some sunny poolside cocktails.

What are you favorite cocktails maybe you could leave some of your own recipes in the comments box below.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this recipe post

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All the best

Tim   tim@nuttyaboutcoconuts.co.uk












Poolside Coconut Cocktail Recipes — 33 Comments

  1. OMG, I am a coconut lover and love the frozen styled drinks so this webpage was right up my alley. I have always enjoyed Pina’ Coladas. Only I put an egg in mine because it was supposed to make it thicker. I also top mine with nutmeg.

    I can’t wait to try a few of the other recipies that you have here as well. i have my eye on the Banana Cow.

    Thanks for sharing these poolside coconut cocktails.

    • Debra you are very welcome,

      Let me know what you think of the other drinks

      Remember Drink Responsibly :)

      Thanks for your comments


  2. I absolutely love pina colada’s and get them almost every time I drink socially.

    I never realized that they were so easy to make myself. I think me and the hubby are going to run to the liquor store and grab some rum and coconut cream and try this out tonight! Thanks for all the awesome recipes, I think I will have to try them all!

    Which of these is your absolute favorite for reference on trying new things?
    Thanks again!

    • Hi Sheena

      I’m glad you liked the post and I hope you enjoy making Pina colada’s tonight.

      My favorite out of the list has to be the Roadrunner :)

      Come back because I will be posting more soon, be sure sign up for the newsletter so you dont miss any.

      All the Best


  3. Man I love coconut! So what’s better than a poolside coconut cocktail recipe? nothing!! I am so going to make the roadrunner tonight!! I wont be poolside though. :( sad!

    • HA HA Vic

      Me either, series 5 of Benidorm will have to do for now, Gran Canaria in September. Canni come soon enough. Enjoy your Cocktail

      All the best Tim

  4. hi Tim
    oohhhh those look gooood! And very refreshing. Coconut is such a thirst quencher, especially coconut water. I am not sure about coconut cream though. It must be quite richer. But just a bit in a drink is okay. I think I would particularly be a fan of the coconut margarita and jamaican blues! I would certainly like to be sitting poolside right now with either one of them :)

    • Glad you like them Emily

      Thanks for your comments, and just close your eyes and imagine the sun kissing you while you relax by the pool.

      Cheers Tim

  5. MMmmmmmmmm, I love coconut flavour, scents and anything else coconut. I love these recipe ideas for cocktails. I no longer drink but my whole family does so I will share this with them :) Thanks, they are going to love!

  6. Yum!!

    I love coconut, and even better when it is in a drink. I have tried a couple of these drinks (the common ones like Pina Colada) and really enjoy them.

    I try to stay health conscious where possible. I figure coconuts are good for you so it balances out the alcohol and sugar. Good excuse to drink some cocktails anyway!!


    • Hi Brad,

      I really am not promoting these drinks as good for you lol

      Just an indulgence and who doesn’t deserve that occasionally.

      With me its any excuse lol

  7. OMG – what great summertime recipes!
    These sound like good drinks to pack up for the beach too.

    The Coconut Margarita looks to be my favorite
    Yum Yum Yum …
    Have you tried them all Tim – which one do you like the best?

    Thank you – I’ve bookmarked your site!

    • Yes Joanne I’ve tried them all !! not in one night though :)

      Roadrunner is my favorite, but coconut margarita comes a close second !

      Thank you for your comments and thank you so much for bookmarking my site !

      I have lots of good stuff planned so stay tuned

      Cheers Tim

  8. I don’t drink but YUM. My favourite used to be a Pina Colada. Those drinks would rock my world and I’d rarely feel the effects until I walked out of the bar – so watch what you’re drinking. Lovely little informative article. You’ve convinced me to make a non-alcoholic Jamaican Blue. That looks lush :)

  9. Hello there!
    I have to tell you that I adore your website. I am a huge fan of coconut everything! I love coconut cocktails and this post gave me so many ideas on how to make my own for my summer parties! These look fantastic and also not too hard to make. The road runner will be my favorite.What kind of vodka do you suggest using? I can’t wait to give these a try.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hello Katerina

      I’m so pleased you like the site, I have been away from it for a little while but will be adding more content over next few days and weeks

      I’m not a vodka expert to be honest they all taste the same to me. Russian standard is the brand I buy though.

      Thanks for the comments


  10. I do enjoy a festive cocktail, especially in the summer time and although I am not the biggest fan of a strong coconut flavor, I do like a little hint of it in a mojitto or a similar drink.

    All these cocktails definitely make it on the fancy list, but I tend to avoid cream in my cocktails as I don’t like them to be too heavy.

    Do you have any lighter cocktail recipes you can share?

    • Hi Sarah

      Here is the “Sarah Blue on Blue” just for you !!

      1½ ounce vodka, 2 ounce Coconut water, 1 ounce Cranbury Juice, ½ ounce Blue curacao ,Couple of crushed Blueberries, Crushed Ice.

      Place and mix all the ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker or blender and strain into a tall glass



  11. Hi Tim- These look like some yummy recipes. I am a big proponent of coconut for medicinal purposes and for general health, however this sounds like a delicious way to get your coconut, while enjoying a cool drink(s). Awesome list of various coconut beverages and how to make them. Well done!


  12. Hi Tim- This sounds like a yummy recipe. I am a big proponent of coconut for medicinal purposes and for general health, however this sounds like a delicious way to get your coconut, while enjoying a cool drink(s). Awesome list of various coconut beverages. Well done!


  13. Haha. Hey, good one. Here are a bunch of drinks that I can make and try on every Saturdays and Sundays. I just make the Banana Cow drink and all I can say was it is really good. The cup in the image is way too small for a man like me. Hope to see you to add more drinks again. Cheers man.

  14. For a first-time post, it’s looks great. I know how head-wrenching making posts on the internet can be. The title “Nutty about Coconuts” is eye-catching and attention-getting. The information is easy to read, and easy to follow, great use of pictures and graphics to help people out. I like the variety of cocktail recipies on the post.

  15. I absolutely love coconuts; coconut ice cream, chocolate coconut, coconut milk – you name it I love it! I think I will try making the Road Runner and the Banana Cow – they sound delicious!

    I have looked at your other pages as well and I must say I am completely intrigued… I have never seen a website dedicated to all things coconut but it is so good as coconuts can and are utilized in all sorts of products. Will definitely be returning!

  16. Hi Tim, I wished it was Summer here in New Zealand. Well, it doesn’t harm to dream a little. :-) Pina Colada has always been one of my favorite cocktails. So thanks for putting these delicious cocktail recipes together. Do you have any non-alcoholic drinks up your sleeves? I guess it is just a matter of leaving the liquor out.
    Cheers Anke

  17. These sound really yum. Two of my favourite things combines – a pool and a cocktail.

    Pina Coladas has always been a favourite and your recipe is one I will definitely have to try out. Never heard of the Banana Cow before. Love the colour of the Jamaican Blue. The Coconut Margarita is another cocktail I will definitely have to try.

    Thanks so much for sharing these recipes.

  18. Those are some tasty-looking recipes. I am definitely going to make the Road Runner. Do you have any recommendations for a good brand of coconut cream? I try to buy more natural ingredients, so if you know of any natural or organic ones, please share. Speaking of coconut drinks, when I was in Jamaica, the bartenders there made a Dirty Banana. I was addicted, and replicated it at home. So delicious!

  19. These coconut cocktails sound delicious. My parents owned a Chinese restaurant and bar. Not sure if all of these were on the menu, though.

    I love cocktails. It’s the combo of sweet stuff and alcohol that makes it delicious. The alcohol flavor balances out the sweetness.

    The only one I’ve actually had of these various cocktail drinks you mention is the world-famous Pina Colada. I ought to try the other ones, though. :-)

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