How to open a mature coconut

How to open a mature coconut?

How on earth do you open a mature coconut without making a lot of mess and without smashing, or slicing or even removing a digit or two.

It is actually much easier than you would think and in this article I am going to show you a mess free simple way to crack open your coconut.

Seriously, this method is so easy that, once you have practised it a couple of times, you’ll be cracking coconut after coconut and showing off your skills to your friends.

coconut opening toolsAll you will need is a cork screw a dinner knife and a glass to collect the water.

You could use a pointed screwdriver if you have no corkscrew but be very careful punching the holes.



Before we go on to the video I’d like to show you a video that highlights how not to open a coconut.

Ha Ha Ha Can you believe the guy karate chopping coconuts resting on an iron girder. Man he must have smashed every bone in his hand.

So we have witnessed how not to do it. Lets try the easy safe way to open a mature coconut now !

So, without further ado, here goes. Hope you enjoy!


There you go, how easy was that ?

Don’t smash at the coconut just gentle taps around the circumference and eventually it will spit in two equal halves.


Tools available to purchase

There are various tools you can buy too such as this one shown  which has a punch at the end and is easier to hold,but if you are on a budget just use my method.

I apologise for this article being so short but it really is a subject better shown to you.

Thanks for reading and if you have any comments please eave them below

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Happy Coconut Cracking



How to open a mature coconut — 24 Comments

  1. I like your niche very much.You remind me of when I was doing my project on coconut.It is such a wonderful plant with so many health benefit.I cant even tell the bad aspect of coconut.I am also aware that the nutrient is in the matured ones,
    Anyway that tool in the videos is awesome because it has an easy to our long time problem.I recommend one for the guys in the first video.
    Nice and simple website but please this is my suggestion can you change the label on top of your website i mean the one with join for free and learn how to earn online.

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      Yes you are right I think the guy attempting the break record has crippled himself’

      Cheers Tim

  2. First, I loved both videos!! I can’t believe the silly things people were trying to do to open a coconut in the first video! In the second video, it looked incredibly easy to do! The whole article made me think of a few summers ago, this young man had a crush on my daughter and he spent several weeks in Hawaii. He kept sending her pictures of himself trying to climb a tree to get a coconut…all to impress her. He finally succeeded the day before he came home. We nicknamed him “Coconut Boy”. It was amusing.

    I’m very interested in the health benefits of coconut oil. I plan to check out all of the information you have on this site!! Thank you for providing it!!

    • Hi Valerie

      I’d love to see the pics of coconut boy!! That was me btw in the second video and I was not in the first lol.

      I’m loving all the positive comments I’m getting on this site and I’m loving writing the articles.

      Thanks for your nice comments


  3. hi Tim!
    holy, I am going right now to buy a coconut just so I can open it! And how about the guy with the chopping board? Like what?? But it seems so easy in the second video. I used to use a screwdriver to drain the juice but a wine bottle opener seems way better. I did not know the butter knife trick, I used to use a hammer to smash the whole thing :) But how do you get the flesh out of the 2 halves?

    • Hi Emily

      Here’s a tip for you,

      After opening the coconut pop it into a microwave on full power for about 30 seconds. This makes the flesh softer. Once you have done this just use a paring knife carefully.I’ll be publishing how to open young green jelly coconuts soon.

      Thanks for the comments


  4. Hi Tim,

    This post on how to open a mature coconut is great! I am definitely part of the ‘how not to open a coconut’ group and I see that you did not show my bad way of opening a mature coconut on your video…I simply throw them as hard as I can on the hard ground in the hope it will smash open. Never does. Just bounces merrily away.

    There is no question that from now on I will be using your much more sane way to open a mature coconut!

    The video visuals were a great idea too.


    • Thanks Heather

      That was really me in the second video btw, excuse the belly I’ve been off work with a bad back for 9 weeks. Got to lose it for my hols in six weeks.

      You will be able to drink the water now lol


  5. Wow. Never had any idea how to crack open a coconut. You made it look so easy. I haven’t tried your technique yet, but I will definitely give it a try. Thank you, Jeffrey

  6. Wow, Tim! I loved the coconut opening fails video. I really needed the laugh! My mom happens to travel to a lot of tropical islands for her vacations, so I’ll definitely be letting friends and family know about this! What a neat way to open coconuts, and honestly, a lot easier than some of those outrageous failed ways.. Great job!

  7. Hey Tim,

    Pure genius. I’m still rolling with laughter – that first video is a must watch everyday!

    I remember when I was living in Malaysia seeing them whack the top off with these huge machetes and thinking – here goes a finger or an arm…never did thankfully.

    Love your video – clever! very clever! I’m off to find a coconut – won’t be scaling any trees but have to give that method a go

    Many thanks

  8. Hey Tim,
    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the martial arts guy piercing the husk with one finger. Talk about super strength.
    Another thing you can do is pop a straw down one of the coconut’s eyes and drink the water that way.
    In the islands they usually pick a younger coconut to drink as it’s water is sweeter and flesh is softer and easier to eat, but I don’t know if they’re available in all countries.
    Thanks for the article, I really enjoyed it- Cheers Chris.

    • Hi Chris

      Not many shops in the Uk stock whole young green coconuts but they can be bought onine

      Yes your right the older the coconut gets the more meat and less water.


  9. Well you make it sound so easy now. :) I remember some of the bar tenders going out behind the drink shack and practically smashing the coconuts onto a really sharp pointed stick or rod attached in the ground. I thought it was really the only way to get it open without using some sort of a power tool :)

  10. Very interesting. I have to try it when I have a coconut around. It really does look simple, clean and unlike the other video, a lot safer.

    I wouldn’t want to break or cut off any fingers just to enjoy a delicious coconut.

    And you are right, the video really says it all. Better to show than tell sometimes.

  11. Wow a complete site dedicated to coconuts – what an original concept ( love it! ). I only recently realized how good coconuts were for people trying to lose wieght – turns out there are hundreds of ways for them being incorportated into your diet! My favorite has to be using the coconut oil as a creamer for coffee – yum!

  12. Hi Tim,

    Great article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    Well, I used to to miss up with coconuts when I wanted to open them. The video explain very well how to do it the right way. Finally it’s like opening a bottle of wine, it’s funny and easy:) I love this article, it was very helpful.
    Thank you very much

  13. Hi, this is a really great tip how to open a mature coconut! I’ve always been struggling to open it so I rather buy desiccated coconut from shop.. But there is nothing better than fresh, raw coconut and coconut water!

    Great video and I will definitely try it!

    Thanks for sharing

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