How does coconut oil help weight loss ?

COCONUT_OIL_FOR_WEIGHT_LOSSSHow does coconut oil help with weight loss ?


You have probably seen across the internet hundreds of sites telling you that coconut oil is able to help you lose fat.

Dr Oz promotes it, you find it promoted in all the health stores and YouTube has hundreds of videos telling you to eat it daily to lose your belly fat and increase you metabolism.

This is all very well but what I want to discuss is the way it works. Have any of these claims of weight loss actually got any real proof ?

So first of all lets discuss the properties of Saturated fats.

It is known that coconut oil is a saturated fat and saturated fat gets a bad rap!!


So what is Saturated fat ?

Well fat molecules are made up of one part glycerol and three fatty acids hence the term Triglycerides.

The saturate term relates to the amount of hydrogen to each carbon atom.

fats_diagramSaturated fats have all of their carbon atoms saturated by hydrogen and have no double bonds. So it stands to reason then that monounsaturated fatty acids are going to have one double bond (mono) and polyunsaturated fatty acids will have two are more (poly)

The easy way to tell if a fat is saturated or unsaturated is its that saturated fats tend to be solid at room temperature whilst unsaturated fats are more liquid.

So you could say that butter is a mostly saturated fat and olive oil is a mostly unsaturated fat.

Now until recently Saturated fats haves been labelled as bad for you. They have been blamed for causing clogged arteries due to raising  LDL bad cholesterol levels.

Well yes this can be said for hydrogenated fats (Saturated or not) which have been blasted by hydrogen by food manufacturers to make them more solid and extend shelf life.

The result of this hydrogenation process is trans fatty acids (Trans Fat)

Trans fatty acids have been proven to raise the LDL bad cholesterol levels and lower the HDL good cholesterol levels in the blood increases risk of heart related diseases.

So we have established so far that not all fats saturated or unsaturated are bad for you.


How are the fats in Coconut oil different to most other saturated fats we eat ?

fatty_acids dia1Most of the saturated fat we eat from meat and dairy products contain long chain fatty acids, these are fatty acids made up of a chain of more than 12 carbon atoms.

60 % of the saturated fats in Coconut oil are actually medium chain fatty acids and usually have 8 to 10 carbon atoms.

Medium chain fatty acids are absorbed by the body differently to long chain fatty acids.

Long chain fatty acids are absorbed into the fatty walls of the intestine then reassembled in triglycerides coated in cholesterol and distributed throughout the lympthatic system then into the bloodstream where the triglycerides are either used for energy or stored in fat cells

Medium chain fatty acids are not broken down like long chain fatty acids but are sent directly to the liver where they are metabolised quickly. This quick metabolism means an increase energy utilization and at the same time slowing down of fat storage.

So we now know that Medium chain fatty acids in Coconut oil not only speed up the metabolism but they are also used as energy more efficiently and are not as easily stored in fat cells.


Other Properties of coconut oil that help with fat loss.

Coconut oil has other ways it helps in weight loss besides not being stored as fat in the body.

thats_me_full_thanksReduced Appetite

When the Medium chain fatty acids are metobolised in the liver they produce keytones,

Scientific research suggests that keytone’s have a direct effect on your appetite. In fact it is suggested that they actually reduce your appetite.



So we now know that ketone production from the burning of medium chain fatty acids reduces appetite

fire-1938_640Increased Metabolism.

Studies carried out on a group of people showed that after ingesting medium chain fatty acids their metabolism increased by as much as 60 %.

It is also known that the fatty acids in Coconut oil Lauric acid has anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and antiviral properties.these properties keep your digestive system by enhancing the body’s ability to digest food and absorb nutrients.

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil help in the production pregnenolone.  This is one of the main precursors for the human body’s production of hormones.With good levels of this your body can make hormones responsible for thyroid health. Research has shown that those with low thyroid function also have low pregnenolone levels. The thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism.

Good Cholesterol HDL

It is now known that Coconut oil when consumed increases HDL good cholesterol and lowers LDL bad cholesterol. This is not only beneficial for the cardiovascular system but also help maintain good metabolism of long chain fatty acids.


Lets sum up what we have learned about how coconut oil can help weight loss.


 Coconut nut oil :

  • Increases energy levels by way of being quickly metabolised.

  • Is much less likely to be stored as fat in the body.

  • Helps your bodies digestive system.

  • Helps to produce the hormones that maintain a healthy thyroid and metabolism.

  • Reduces your appetite.

  • Improves cholesterol levels


How to use coconut oil as part of your weight loss plan.

Only use pure unrefined Virgin coconut oil.

OIL_DOSETake coconut oil 15 mins before your meals to get the benefit of the appetite suppression

I take one tablespoon before each meal, That is three Tablespoons per day,

I take mine straight from the spoon but if you like you could use it in a drink of say lemon tea or really any beverage you like.

coconutoil3Try to use the coconut oil as a replacement for other oils you may use for cooking.

Remember that coconut oil has a high calorific content of about 850 kcal per 100 gm so be sure to count these if you are on a calorie controlled diet as part of your daily allowance.

1 tablespoon of oil is equal to 14gm of oil and that’s equal to 120 kcal per meal.

3 servings per day is 360 kcal per day.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments box below.

Why not join the forum on the home page and lets hear about your tips and experiences with coconut oil.

I can be emailed 

Thanks Tim










How does coconut oil help weight loss ? — 38 Comments

  1. This is a very informative post. My mom likes to put virgin coconut oil in her hair. I didn’t know that this is also good for weight loss. This is a really good substitute to the high cholesterol oils in the market right now that makes us prone to heart attack and stroke. Ill tell my mom to use coconut oil when cooking.

  2. Dear Tim,

    Wow! Great Website, creative name to it too, nuttyaboutcoconuts. :) I never did know much about why my mom loves coconut oil, she told me to find out on Google, them I stumble onto your Blog Post Article which I am happy I did. I believe that coconut oil is just something my mom needs to incorporate in her daily meal plan as she often tells me that she has a sudden urge to keep on eating. And, of course she wants to lose weight but doesn’t know how to. Upon reading this, I am so glad I got the information I need to tell her of what I learned. 😉 Thanks Tim, you helped out with that aspect a ton!

    Wishing you all the very best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  3. hi Tim!
    Great post about the benefits of coconut oil for weight loss. I did not know that it was the medium chain fatty acids that it contains that helped with weight loss. Heck, I knew nothing about medium chain fatty acids! I knew of the many benefits of coconut oil but weight loss was not one I was aware of, I must be living under a rock….But anything that helps speeds up the metabolism and burn energy will be helpful.
    How is the taste of coconut oil?

    • Hey Emily

      Glad you like the post.

      Now then the taste varies from one to another.Some have a coconut taste some a neutral, some more coconutty than others.Refined coconut oil will have ni taste, unrefined will vary according to the way they are made. usually if it is exposed to heat the favour will be stronger. Trial and error really. I will start reviewing them as I use them !!


  4. Because I know that we need saturated fats in our diet, I don’t worry about what oils I typically consume, as long as they’re not hydrogenated or trans fat. But I really need to get into the coconut oil more. Where can you buy it? Is it easily replacable in recipes?

    • Hi Sarah you can get it right here on my site if you like :) most heath food stores will stock it though.
      Coconut oil has many many heath benefits have a look at my other articles/

      Thanks for your comments


  5. Hey Tim

    First of all, great post!

    I have been using coconut oil for a while now and knew it was good for me – for a number of reasons including weight loss but I din’t really know the why (until now).

    I’ve never had it straight from the spoon as you suggest – I usually use it just for cooking. I love the flavor and also feel like it’s somehow easier on my stomach than other oils.

    I also knew about the lowering of bad cholesterol and that saturated fats weren’t necessarily bad – but I didn’t know anything about the medium chain fatty acids. Found that really interesting – and you explained it really well.

    Thanks for the awesome information.

  6. Hi Tim!
    Yep, I’ve recently discovered coconut oil myself, so I’m with you on the benefits. I’ve actually been oil pulling for a week or two now. Just swishing it round my mouth for 20 mins every morning before spitting it out and rinsing. Takes a bit of getting used to but I’m already feeling the benefits. More energy and less of an appetite for starters! I’ve also been using it as a hair conditioner and my hairdressor remarked on the condition of my hair since my last visit.

    Not sure if I’ve dreamnt this……but I’m sure I read somewhere that the coconut is the one food you can live on alone, if you had too. Are you aware of this?? :)
    Love this site, it’s really interesting, Thank you!

    • Hi Cheryl

      I am so pleased you are finding uses for coconut oil. I too pull with oil daily and my gum health has greatly improved. You are absolutely right that the coconut has enough nutrients to be able to live on alone.

      Cheers Tim

  7. nutty about coconuts great to see someone really understands the benefits of coconut oil. I myself have found that coconut oil is very beneficial to us and see you have great information and graphic details discussing its benefits you should also be aware how important a detox is for the system and how it can improve the bodies system.

  8. Hi Tim,

    That is a load of great info on coconut oil, I’m a big fan of it and I didn’t know half this stuff. I like how you summarized the main points at the end of each topic and then together at the end of the post, it made it easier for all that info to get absorbed. I mainly use coconut oil as a cosmetic on my skin and hair, but I’m definitely going to start cooking with it now that I’ve read all the health and weight management benefits it has, thanks!

    Take Care,

  9. Thanks for this awesome post, I have a jar of Coconut Oil at home and love using it to remove make-up, lather on my skin after shower, but the one thing I have never done is eat it. I am going to try it out because I have a smoothie every morning and never thought to put coconut oil in it. Thanks for such an informative post, you have shed some light on cooking with coconut oil :)

  10. Reading this article reminded me of Coconut Oil. A few months ago I had a regimen of it. I took it in the morning in my coffee, seemed to wake my mind up, more than the coffee did.

    At night I put it on my hair and skin and I have to say it made a huge difference in my overall look. In fact I’m literally going to grab a spoonfull now.

    Yes a spoonful, straight no

    • Brilliant mate, a lot of people use it too add to a bullet proof coffee which will give you tonnes of energy and also keep you satiated for a good 6 hours or so.

      1 cup of coffee organic , 1 tablespoon unrefined coconut oil (or more, I usually put in 2-3 tablespoons)1 teaspoon organic grassfed unsalted butter i use kerrygold¼ tsp vanillaa few drops of stevia extract (optional)

      Enjoy Tim

  11. A very detailed, well presented and informative blog well done.

    I really had not appreciated what positive affects this product gives your body, especially regarding weight lose. You seem to cover all bases here, are there any other similar products you can recommend which also naturally achieves weight lose?.

    10 out of 10 great blog!.

  12. I really love coconuts. They are very dense in nutrients and you also appreciate them more after you have broken them in half.

    I did not know coconut oil had this many benefits. I also hear that it works great for scar tissue (do not know if that is true or not).

    I think people need to do more research on coconuts and the benefits for using them.

  13. Okay, I don’t think I can take it directly (taking a teaspoon before meals). :( But we’ve been using this in our home for sometime now. Its just so healthy compared to other cooking oils, plus it can withstand high heat. For instance, olive oil is good too but it becomes rancid when subjected to high heat.

  14. Hey Tim,

    Thanks for clarifying the correlation between coconut oil and weight loss. Coconut oil has a TON of uses.

    I’ve got some coconut MCT oil I take before I work out. Would you say that would be good to take 3 times a day as well? I’m always trying to trim fat.

  15. Thank you for such great information on coconut oil! I must say that I have heard so much about the many benefits of using coconut oil that I recently purchased some just to see what everbody was talking about. I am now convinced that it is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I do not need to lose weight, but after reading your post, I know that I can also use it to ensure the health of my digestive system and to keep my cholesterol levels in good shape.

  16. I love the many benefits coconul oil provides! I never knew that it wasn’t stored as body fat! One question I do have though is, Is it really a good idea to eat that much coconut oil before a meal? Does it really make that much of a difference? For someone on a diet, 360 calories of oil per day is alot! Especially when you’re trying to eat a small amount of calories every day. Some people also don’t realize that eating too quickly makes so that they don’t realize when they’re full so they eat and eat.

  17. I just viewed your website: Nutty About Coconuts . I. really enjoyed your site. I think I will bookmark it. I have just recently started to learn the benefits of coconuts.I have heard that it helps with aging skin. Do you know if that is true? It doesn’t look like you have posted anything since September 2015. Are you not adding any more posts?

  18. Hi Tim,

    I found your article most interesting. Not only did I learn about coconut oil, but fats in general. Is the taste of using coconut oil in cooking very noticeable? I am curious, would you know what other fats are considered medium chain fatty acids? I love the taste of coconut and look forward to giving this a try.

  19. Hi Tim, I quite enjoyed the article thanks!
    Coconut oil has some serious power! I was wondering also about coconut water because I use it in my smoothies. Does it have any benefit, or can I just use water as it is becoming an expensive habit?
    I love the flavour of coconut oil and i use either it or ghee as my oils of choice.
    Thanks for a great article, Kris

  20. Very interest website, here where i live in the Bahamas we use the water to make different types of drinks or just drink the water from the shell. We use the coconut to make all sorts of tasty foods. and the bark is use to make lots of cool stuff so nothing is wasted, also both my wife and i love to use coconut grease. And this is new to me about using the oil for weight loss, WOW that is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this great information.

  21. I’m so happy I found your site. I eat a tablespoon of coconut oil every night for its health benefits. It’s really a great supplement so add to your diet if you’re suffering from any stomach related issues as well as a slew of other things. I love coconut oil and I spend the extra money to make sure I’m getting the best kind from a reliable source. I believe it is a huge contributor to my stomach issues taking an turn for the better. Thanks for sharing the great information. I really like your website.


    • Hi Kristin,

      I also take Coconut oil daily.I used to have digestive problems but since coconut oil was added to my diet I have no issues.

      Thanks for your comments Tim

  22. Good to know that coconut oil is a healthier option to some of the other oils.

    I have used coconut oil for cooking for some time now. It was recommended as part of the paleo diet. I did not know it came with all these benefits though.

    Plus it tastes great in Thai and Southern Indian curries.

    Thanks for the info.

  23. I didn’t know coconut oil can also help losing weight. Since it is saturated fats, I was afraid that it might increase my LDL just like you mentioned above. So I always try to avoid cooking it with my desert even though I love the smell of coconut! Thank you for the informative post, now I can try it with my meals!


  24. I use organic virgin coconut oil every day on my skin and hair, and occasionally add some to smoothies. I’ve slipped recently when it comes to using it in cooking as a substitute for butter and other fats, but your post has encouraged me to start re-introducing it.
    Thanks so much for the information on using coconut oil to help with losing that excess weight!

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