Coconut Water Natural Hangover Elixir

Important Information for Drinkers !!

poolside coconut cocktailsI recently posted an article called Poolside coconut cocktail recipes, a bit of fun and not entirely beneficial to the drinkers apart from the obvious value as a social lubricant :).

I want to add that The title had the word Poolside, just let me confirm that means by the pool not in the pool.

Now then I wanted to follow up with a couple of things.


pool-fallFirstly drink responsibly.

Drinking Alcohol will affect your co-ordination but also increase your confidence, just bear this in mind if you are larking around by the pool. Imagine slipping and falling in with nobody there to assist you. I’m shuddering just thinking of the possible consequences.


DO_NOT_DRINK_AND_SWIMDon’t Drink And Swim.

Do not drink alcohol when swimming because it can impair the ability to judge distances as well as the physical coordination necessary to swim..

Its ok to take a drink in the heat but please don drink too much. Alcohol is a diuretic and you will dehydrate if you drink too much. Essential fluids are sapped from your muscles and could lead to cramping if you are swimming

Now then with those  little safety tips I’m sure you can still enjoy your drinks and have a great time in the sun.

 Drinking alcohol in excess is likely to lead to a hangover the next day.


coconut_waterCoconut water as a Hangover Cure

Coconut Water is a natural hangover elixir. It will have you feeling better in no time.

How you may ask can coconut water help with a hangover ?

In many ways!!  but before I tell you lets get an understanding of what a hangover is and what its symptoms are.

A hangover is your body’s reaction to drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, your body actually loses four times as much fluid due to the alcohol that it normally would, leading to dehydration.

Your body wants to grab some of that fluid back and guess where it grabs it from? Any where it can, Dehydration, causes the fluids around the brain to lower which in turn lowers the blood pressure and blood flow to the brain.This plus toxins from the metabolism of alcohol are the reason why most hangovers are accompanied by a headache. Did you know that repeated over drinking of alcohol can cause your brain to actually shrink.

Did you know that when alcohol is metabolised the liver produces a toxin called acetaldehyde. Normally this is broken down by enzymes but when we are downing alcohol like there’s no tomorrow the enzymes cannot keep up and you will start to feel nausea, maybe vomiting, blurred vision, the shakes.

Dehydration also depletes your body of electrolytes essential for your well being. Potassium is one of the minerals lost by dehydration and it is important for your muscles to function so you may feel cramps too.

Alcohol also causes your digestive system to produce excess acids that can cause stomach ache and heartburn.

hydrateWhy is Coconut water such a good remedy for hangovers?

1. Coconut water rehydrates the body, meaning the headache disappears.

2. It replaces the four lost essential electrolytes we need Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium.

3. It helps calm an upset stomach, by returning acid levels to normal. It also contains bio active enzymes that help rid the body of any toxins caused by alcohol consumption.

4. The potassium in the coconut water helps to improve muscle function.

5. It helps return blood sugar levels to normal.

Coconut water is natural, it’s fat free, it tastes nice and it has more electrolytes than a lot of the other remedies like lucazade.

It has no additives like artificial sweeteners, it has properties with proven benefits to the body, such as anti fungal and anti bacterial.

Coconut water is therefore not only a very refreshing drink, it is probably the best natural hangover cure.

If you are not convinced (the best way is to try it yourself) you can find many coconut water products in the nutty coconut shop

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Coconut Water Natural Hangover Elixir — 19 Comments

  1. This article is definitely intriguing as I’ve always been a huge fan of coconuts specially for those long club nights haha You really know what you are talking about and it really shows within your writing.
    I really hope to read more articles like this in the near future :)

    • Thankyou so much for the comments

      I’m getting a lot more confidence now with this website thanks to comments like yours !!

      All the best


  2. Hey Tim
    I did not know coconuts could help cure your ills. That is awesome to know. I’m not much of a drinker. More a spectator these days. Rehydration oh yea dehydration is a big problem. Calms the stomach very good. And rid the body of toxins. Man that is a powerful nut. All good stuff, nice sight layout. Reading was enjoyable. Keep on.

  3. hi Tim!
    I personally love coconut water! it is one of the most refreshing drinks one can have. It is a way better options than the sugary sport drinks to replenish your electrolytes (might it be from fatigue, a cold or from a hangover). I do not remember the last time I drank enough to have a hang over the next day but I can certainly appreciate your suggestions as I know from a biological point of view what alcohol does. I did not know it shrank the brain though due to loss of water!

    • Hey Emily

      I am sorry I seem to have missed out an entire paragraph in this article, Ok Brain shrinkage is a long term effect of alcohol abuse heavy drinking sessions. Dehydration, causes the fluids around the brain to lower which in turn lowers the blood pressure and blood flow to the brain.This plus toxins from the metabolism of alcohol are the reasons we get the headache. Thank you so much for pointing this out and I shall update accordingly.

      Thanks Tim

  4. There’s some great information in this article. I never even heard of this awesome hangover cure. Hopefully this article will reach a lot of people, because this might help when you are having a hangover ! Also, is it safe to drink coconut water while you are drinking alcohol ? Let’s say someone is drinking alcohol and starts feeling really bad and starts vomiting, ect… Can he use coconut water to feel better ?

    • Hi Mate its always a good idea to drink soft drinks between Alcoholic Drinks on a night out, Drinking coconut water between hard drink will certainly not do any harm and will definitely help you rehydrate as the evening progresses.
      Glad you liked the article


  5. Hi, Tim!
    I don’t know if this is good for me, because now that I know this, I might start to drink more often because I won’t get a hangover 😛
    But seriously, this was great to read. I knew something I drank the day after made me feel better, and now I know what it is. Which coconut water is it you usually drink after a real hardcore drinking-spree?


    • Hi Jonas

      Glad you liked the article and glad it helps

      Ok I’m not a heavy drinker so luckily I do not suffer often from a hangover. I do however drink coconut water daily, My favorites are Aqua coco and Vita coco. check them out in the Nutty coconut Store

      All the best


  6. Hey,
    I love the warning about drinking responsibly first followed by a solution to cure hangovers 😉
    I guess a lot of people get carried away, especially on holidays by the beach, when it comes to alcohol. I must say I love love drinking coconut water when I’m hungover. I don’t know why but I suffer from really bad hangovers where I tend to feel sick the whole day and cannot eat until late at night. I barely move from my bed, but when I used to live in london and walked around oxford street, they would sometimes have a coconut stand and after drinking one of them I would feel amazingly better!
    I wish they would sell them here in Luxembourg so I could cure my weekly hangovers :/
    Great post by the way, now I know why it cures me so much!

    • Yes Essi

      I suffer from more of the stomach hangover, and I dont have to drink in excess to get it. I’m not really much of a drinker due to my full time job as a lorry driver.
      You can always order a stash of water from mu shop hint hint lol

      Thanks mate you take care

  7. Wow!!! I did not know coconut could help with the awful, dreaded hangover. I have shared this to my google account as I know this information will help many others as well. I have definitely bookmarked this for future reference.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Hopefully people don’t drink in the pool, I’m a life guard rn and people have always asked me if they could bring a drink in. Sure, as long as its in a closed Xi, and you can’t tell is beer. But nobody should ever drink in the water, last thing you want is to be playing around and not be able to come up above water again. As for the coconut water hangover cute sounds legit I’m going to have to try that it some day.

  9. I didn’t know exactly how the hangover worked, but this article helped to clear things up.

    I had to laugh at this one. You are right on the money with the hangover cure. Caribbean people actually know this about coconut water. Whenever I’ve had a hangover, coconut water worked well to help me recover.

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