Coconut oil uses in the bathroom

coconut_oil_uses_in_the_bathroomDo you realise just how many products coconut oil can substitute in the bathroom?

Not only does coconut oil contain amazing moisturising qualities the Lauric acid in it has antifungal, antibacterial and anti viral properties. Here are listed some of the many coconut oil uses in the bathroom.

Here are just some ways can use coconut oil for your personal hygiene needs.

face_wash1. Face wash 

Put about a small amount of coconut oil into the your hands and allow to melt if it was solid. Gently massage the oil into your face for a minute or so. wipe off a with a warm wet face flannel you should then rinse the flannel and wipe face again. You will be clean and moisturised.


2.  Shaving oil

You can use coconut oil to shave with. Just put a good amount on and shave away knowing that the anti fungal and antibacterial properties are helpful if you are prone to razor burn or are shaving delicate skin. The other benefit is it already acts as a moisturiser, not to mention its smells good.

Note, to solved the problem of a clogged razor by having a small bowl of hot water with a teaspoon of dish detergent in it. The detergent immediately dissolves the oil on the razor just from swishing it around.


3.  Toothpaste

Yes that’s right , are you wanting a natural toothpaste that not only will whiten your teeth but will also kill the nasty bacteria lurking on your teeth and gums ? Simply mix coconut oil in equal measures with baking soda and add a little essential oil like peppermint and you have a great home made toothpaste.


oil_pulling4. Oil pulling

After brushing your teeth take a spoon full of coconut oil . Take it into your  mouth and allow to melt. the idea is to let the oil swirl round inside your mouth between your teeth and over your gums. The germs in your mouth will be suspended in the oil so you must not swallow. After a few weeks of doing this for 10 mins a couple of times a day, you will see and feel a difference in your mouth and  smile.


deodorant5.  A natural deodorant

Fed up using deodorant under your armpits that quite literally burns your skin off leaves it red raw or leaves a great mess of powder like residue. Fear not , did you know that coconut oil not only stops the smells from bad bacteria it also acts as an antiperspirant and keeps those armpits silky smooth and moisturised. Try it after your shower, just a little melted in your palm and smooth it right on until your skin absorbs it. A totally chemical free anti smaell solution.


6.  Hair gel Replacement.

if you run out of your regular hair product then why not just use a touch of coconut oil instead. Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. Not only will it keep your hair looking shiny and in place all day, you will get the conditioning benefits too.


dandruff free7. Dandruff.

Thanks to its incredible moisturising properties , coconut oil treats dandruff  itchiness and flaking of the scalp. It also helps control oil secretion from the scalp, a major cause of dandruff  Massage coconut oil into your scalp, and leave it in overnight.


lips8. Chapstick

If you have dry cracked sore lips then moisturise your lips with coconut oil. It will sooth any soreness whilst helping to heal any cracks Coconut oil also has a natural SPF 4, which protects our lips from the sun. Just rub it into your lips and away you go bonus is it tastes great too.


first aid9.  Healing and First Aid.

The healing properties of coconut oil protects skin from germs and infection. Use it as a topical remedy for insect bites and skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Coconut oil will stop the itching and burning as well as speed up the healing process.


cosmetics10. Make up Remover

Coconut oil is an excellent way to remove make up. Using a cotton pad some oil on it just gently wipe away your make up and leave your skin moisturised.


11. Tattoo’s.

Using coconut oil on a new tattoo will keep it moisturised, and also prevent the pigment from fading will. Its natural SPF 4 will protect the tattoo from exposure to sunlight. the natural healing properties of the oil will also help to prevent infection.


14. Exfoliator.

Exfoliate with coconut oil by rubbing the oil on your skin and then using a flannel or scrubby to brush off dead skin cells while removing dirt and hydrating the skin. You could even make a home made scrub using coconut oil and sugar, just use 2 parts coconut oil to one part sugar.



So as you have just learned,there are lots of uses for Coconut oil in the bathroom. A little tip for home made recipes is to keep them in mason jars (cheap to buy and reusable) stick a label on and keep in your bathroom cabinet.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and please if you have any comments or questions feel free to use the comments section. ( I ANSWER EVERY COMMENT)

Enjoy your coconut oil and all the best of health to you all












Coconut oil uses in the bathroom — 16 Comments

  1. Hi there Tim

    Thanks for a very informative article, I did not know there are so many uses for coconut oil, to be honest, the only uses of coconut oil I know of is for hair growth.
    But still, great product and does not break the bank.
    Thanks to your article I will try and experiment much more with coconut oil in the bathroom.
    Just not going to try it as a toothpaste, although i like what it does to hair, the smell is not so nice so there is no way it`s going to my mouth.
    My friends will be delited when i show them your article

    • Hi Roamy

      Thank you so much for your kind comments ,

      You know you can add some essential oils to the toothpaste recipe to improve the taste like peppermint oil, in fact any essential oil you like.

      I intentionally missed hair growth from this article as I believe it is an entire topic of discussion that i can write a complete article about. Yes though you are entirely correct.

      Enjoy experimenting and come back and tell me your results

      All the best


  2. Hi Tim – Wow, I never realized that coconut oil could be used in so many different ways! The thing I like best about coconut oil is the smell so the concept of using it in the different ways that you suggest is very appealing. I’m going shopping in a little while so I’ll see if I can find some at the pharmacy. Thanks for the great advice!

  3. Hello Tim,

    Very nice job on you site so far. My son is an alternative guy and has been talking about the benefits of coconut for years. My son and his family do not use regular milk because my grandson is lactose intolerant. They use coconut and rice milk at alternatives.

    What an interesting niche. It doesn’t look like you’ve set up any internal links yet. Are you planning to that strategy? Your Coconut Store is just a click away, but internal linking makes it so much easier for visitors to find the product that interests them. And, of course, Google likes this because it improves the visitor experience.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your comments Dennis

      Yes internal links will be sorted now, thank you so much for this advice.

      I started to use coconut milk too as i found my stomach bloated after drinking milk. My partner suggested it to me and an article about it will be my next task .

      I love feedback like this

      All the best


  4. There are a lot of articles on the internet about the uses of coconut oil but I read a few on here that I hadn’t seen before. I didn’t know it was good for dandruff and I didn’t know I could make a sugar scrub with it. Is the sugar good for your skin? There is another use for coconut oil, the number one reason I keep it around, you can use it as lubricant. I hope that’s not too racy to say.

    • Melanie thanks for your comments and you are absolutely correct it can be used as a lubricant. i use it in my car all the time ( kidding) Seriously it can be used as a great lubricant but be aware it is no good with latex :)

      Thanks and enjoy your coconut oil :)

  5. Hello, I see you are really in to these coconut products. I like candies with shredded coconut and dark chocolate outside. You did not mention here them. Yep, it is not for bathroom use, maybe after bath.
    I am fascinated how many options can be for this miraculous fruit. Just I wonder it is a fashion thing or it is going to last longer?
    How about coconut water? I guess it is the same as with candies. It is a treat which goes in body.
    I wonder it can be organic coconut or just plain coconut? What kind of differences can be between them?
    Your mentioned products are certified or can be just taken from jar and used in all your mentioned ways?
    So many questions from me.
    Thanks for providing information. I think that your visitors can save a lot money and at the same time to do for their bodies some good: use natural, not chemical products.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • I think candles in the bathroom are great and scented with coconut would be awesome.

      The uses i mention for the bathroom are all straight from the jar organic coconut oil.

      Natural is certainly the way for me and most of my readers.

  6. Hello, this is a very useful article! The coconut oil is such a great product! I use it for cooking and add it to my food…also it’s good if you want to get rid of candina or yeast infection but I’ve never used it instead of any cosmetic product…I heard it’s good for hair…

    I have to say you gave me great tips and I will try some of them… :)

    Thank you!

  7. Tim,
    From one coconut lover to another, I sincerely appreciate all of your amazing recipes! I have never used coconut oil to exfoliate but I love this idea.
    One question, Have you ever used coconut oil as a natural sunscreen? I have heard of this and it seems to work but I wanted to get your advice.
    Thank you.

  8. I’ve had a tub of coconut oil sitting around in my bathroom collecting dust for a while now.

    Looking through your long list of substitutes, coconut oil certainly has many amazing uses. :)

    I never actually realized it could be used as facewash and also toothpaste as well. At least I’ve learned something new here that will benefit me, so I will definitely break the seal on my coconut oil tub.


  9. Hi, Tim, it’s a great article!

    I’ve never used coconut oil for cleanser, cuz i thought it was too oily and stuck in my pores. I have comination skin, so im afraid that it causes the acne. But it is good for moisturizing, i like to use it on my arms and legs where are super dry.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!


  10. Hi Tims, great site on coconut oil and using it in the bathroom – never would have thought of that as it is more of a kitchen ingredient? Anyway, I find your tips interesting as these are thing we do everyday. I do have home remedies and recipes that uses coconut oil, like as a moisturised for skin or as a healthy alternative to regular cooking oil I like that you have included so many ways to use coconut oils. Thanks for the info!

  11. I had no idea, I thought coconut oil was just for cooking! I will admit, I paused reading your article to go cleanse my face with it, just to see if you were right…and you were! It removed all of my make up easily and my skin feels fantastic now. Is there a special kind of coconut oil to use in the bathroom, or will the stuff I have in my kitchen do?

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