Coconut Oil And Health Benefits For Breast Massage

Coconut Oil And Health Benefits For Breast Massage

Guest post by Heather



One of the top reasons for a daily coconut oil breast massage is to ensure the proper flow of lymph fluid. This is vital to breast health and helps to stimulate and promote good circulation. With the added use of coconut oil and all its proven health benefits, a winning combination for breast health is created.

There are several different oils you could use to perform this daily massage such as sesame (unroasted), almond, or olive.

I like to use organic virgin coconut oil because of its proven health benefits, particularly its medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s) which has shown to help protect against many types of cancer. Also, the primary MCT, Lauric Acid, is actually found in mother’s milk and may contribute to the body’s defense system.

National Library of Medicine conducted a study dated August 2014, which concluded that virgin coconut oil consumption* during chemotherapy helped improve the functional status and global quality of life of breast cancer patients. * (when the coconut oil is applied to the skin such as in massage, it is absorbed as nutrition and can be considered consumption.)

The Importance of Breast Massage for Your Lymphatic System

The lymph system is our body’s cleansing and drainage mechanism. It dumps all the toxins and the garbage from the body. It’s also just a one-way street so to speak, flowing only in one direction which makes it pretty easy to get clogged up if things aren’t flowing properly.

The lymph flows to the neck area and then dumps into veins leading to the heart. Our lymph is swimming with proteins, hormones, and fats which are then carried to all of our cells. It also produces antibodies within the body, and most of the lymphatic fluid which drains from the breasts are located in the lymph nodes under the arms.

Clearly then, nothing could be more important than to prevent stagnation and keep this lymph fluid circulating for optimum breast health.

oilHow to Help the Circulation of Lymph Fluid

  • Massage with coconut oil – because breasts don’t have muscles to get them moving or a pumping system to move and drain fluids, this leaves them vulnerable to stagnation. Massage gets things moving!
  • Deep breathing exercises – so simple, yet often overlooked. Deep belly breathing is one of the best ways to move lymph fluid through your body.
  • Walking, swimming, re-bounding – these activities get the arms swinging and the lymph flowing!
  • Wear under-wire free bras – anything tight and constrictive against the breast tissue can cause stagnation.
  • Dry Skin brushing – great stimulation.
  • Good digestion – the less waste your lymph has to deal with, the more easily it will flow. A regular detox helps tremendously.
  • Drink plenty of water –good hydration is necessary to keep the fluids flowing!
  • Sauna – sweat out the toxins.
  • Balanced Emotions – your lymph can become stagnant when you are feeling stuck or afraid to express yourself. Get creative and unleash your inner artist! As your spirit begins to feel free once again, the stagnation in your body unblocks too.

How to Perform a Coconut Oil Breast Massage

For a detailed outline on how to perform this self-loving breast massage, please read my full article at

Any Questions?

I love to share what I have learned from my own experience so I can help others, so please contact me with any questions you may have via my website article link above and leave me a comment there.

Warmly, Heather

Note by Tim

I would like to personally thank Heather for giving her time and sharing this excellent article.

Please take the time to visit her Website 

It truly is a beautiful site and you will enjoy every minute you spend there.

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  1. Hey Tim!
    I think coconut oil is the healthiest food out there for our skin and digestive system, and my dog is nuts for it too!

    Remember the scene in “Midnight Cowboy” when Dustin Hoffman is trying to crack the coconut in his window and it drops down to the street and all the little kids run to collect the pieces? I say sunshine and coconuts can save us!

    You make a nice contribution to a better world with this material!

    Great site!
    Avera Y.

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