Coconut for the Beach

Coconut for the Beach?

tree of lifeAre you heading off on a sunny holiday ? Are you putting together a list of items to take with you ?

You going to pack lots of chemical filled products such as sunscreen? After sun, insect repellent, lip balm and deodorant ? That’s a lot of bottles taking up a lot of room in your luggage.

What if  I said a couple of jars of coconut oil is all you will need ? Yes It can be a blessing on your Holidays !


Here are some reasons to pack Coconut for the Beach.

1.  Sunscreen.

Coconut oil has a natural spf of  between 4 and  8 when it comes to sun protection.

This means that although it’s protection isn’t very high, it can help. If you were to apply it often, it would not only offer sun protection, but it would also hydrate the skin making it less susceptible to burning. To increase the benefits add carrot seed oil.

If you add 30 drops of carrot seed oil to two tablespoons of coconut oil you will now have yourself a natural sunscreen of about 30 spf.

2.  Hair before swimming.

If you apply coconut oil to your hair before going for a swim it will make it less likely to tangle when you dry it later.

3.  Coconut oil natural deodorant.


Make sure you visit the nutty coconut shop before you leave.

Coconut oil applied directly to your skin will protect you from body odour all day. Just apply it straight under your armpits and away you can. You can enhance it even further if you desire just by adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.


4.  Lip balm.

Your lips are especially prone to drying out in the hot sun, just apply coconut oil on them and keep them moist and crack free

5.  Moisturiser and After sun

Sunburnt_womanAfter a day on the beach and a nice long shower your skin will need moisturising. If you have been in the sun a little too long or not used your sunscreen then you may have a touch of sunburn.

Coconut oil and its healing properties will not only sooth your skin, leave it moisturised but will also help heal your burn.

6.  Insect Repellent

If you add a couple of drops of essential oil to coconut oil it will make you a great natural insect repellent.

7.  Make up remover.

make_up_removalCoconut oil is perfect for removing make up especially stubborn eye make up. Just apply to a cotton wool make up pad and wipe the make up off.

8.  Hair Gel

I always use coconut oil as hair product when on holiday, it gives your hair an natural shine and protects it from sun damage. My partner loves my hair in this.

9.  Antiseptic Skin Healer/ insect bites

A great healer of small cuts and grazes and applied to mosquito bites it will help heal the bite reduce inflammation and soothe itching.

10.  Shaving cream and balm.

Coconut oil is excellent as a natural shave cream and after shave balm. Just apply liberally to the skin and shave.

11.  Massage oil.

What better way to relax after a day of beach activities than having a nice relaxing massage.

12.  Coconut water for rehydration

coconut_waterIf you can get it locally you will find coconut oil a very refreshing drink, try and get it from whole young green coconuts yummy.

13. Coconut water for stomach upsets.

Coconut water is great for settling an upset stomach and provides electrolytes that are lost through bouts of Diarrhoea.

14.  A lubricant.

Coconut oil is great to use as a natural lubricant if the sun has you feeling like a special cuddle however remember if you are using protection coconut oil  may break down the integrity of latex condoms.

15.  Coconut oil for cooking.

Coconut oil will go a long way if used as a cooking oil and will save a trip to the local shop for oil.

16.  Coconut oil in your smoothies

Use in your smoothies or coffee.  A great source of energy before your trip to the beach.

17.  Coconut Cocktails.

poolside coconut cocktailsWhilst on holiday don’t forget to try some of my Poolside Coconut Cocktail Recipes!! After all you are on your holidays. I’m sure most bars will be happy to mix you a cool refreshing cocktail.

18.  Coconut water Hangover cure

Coconut water is briliant for the morning after a night on the tiles check out the Coconut Water Natural Hangover Elixir


So there you have 16 uses for coconut oil and water when you go on your holidays.

I would suggest that if you intend to use it for eating or cooking that you only you pure virgin coconut oil.

Also bear in mind that coconut oil is very likely to be in liquid form due to the heat, so maybe decant some to another container when you arrive on your holiday and keep some for the fridge. I find it easier to use if you take a piece of solid oil especially if using for bites etc.

I really hope you found this little article useful. If you can think of more uses for the coconut whilst on holiday please let me know why you would use coconut for the beach.

You can leave your comments below or contact me by email

Happy Holidays




Coconut for the Beach — 15 Comments

  1. This is a great article… I never knew coconut could be used for all this. I live in sunny Florida and am at the beach ALOT… I will definitely bookmark this article… and I shared it with my friends as well. Thanks!

  2. Hey Tim!

    I never knew that there were so many uses for coconuts! I have used it for making body butter, but that’s it. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to pass this site on to my sister. She is into all natural everything.

  3. I call coconut oil the Goldilocks oil. As a medium chain fatty acid it’s not too long, and not too short; it’s just right.

    I would think if you added zinc oxide to coconut oil it would be a perfect sun screen. I don’t know if it would emulsify with the zinc oxide though, so you may have to aslo add something else to do that.


    • Hi Gary

      You know your stuff

      You can indeed add zinc oxide powder but be sure that it is non nano powder and if mixed with coconut oil and shea butter it makes a nice smooth cream.

      I think its a matter of choice and it will look whitish whilst on but will definitely be a much better sunscreen.


  4. Hey Tim I never knew there were so uses for coconut oil and I lived on a tropical island for two years. The product is so versatile and robust. I really liked the tip about adding carrot seed oil to it to increase the spf when applying it as a sun screen. You’re right too, just adding this product alone would save you extra luggage space if you’re heading abroad. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    • Thanks Chris For your comments,

      Yeah and the extra you have to pay for hand luggage it makes sense to make space.

      I’m looking forward to my holiday in six weeks and I’m considering not coming back home lol

      Cheers Chris


  5. holy!! is there something that coconut oil does not do? lol
    I had no idea it has so many uses. Making my own sunscreen seems fun and I could see myself doing that. Now I want to use it as a lip balm (my lips are constantly dry) and make up remover. Are you using it straight up? I mean just the oil directly on the face?

    • Hi Emily

      My lady puts it on to a cotton make up remover pad thingy, you know the round ones. Then she just gently wipes her face and the make up just comes off.

      I’m glad it has so many uses as it gives me so much to write about lol



  6. Hi Tim,

    Your post, Coconut for the Beach, and the 16 things it can be used for was wonderful and educational too! I had no idea that coconut oil was good for a hangover! I love using coconut oil myself and put it in smoothies and use it for my skin. Another thing that it is quite good for that you may not be aware of is breast massage for women. While it is not specific for the beach per se, I think you will find it helpful to your readers. I share with you a link to my article on the subject.

    I might also add that I really like your website and definitely share with you your love of the coconut. By the way…I was going to ask the question, is the coconut a fruit, a vegetable, or really a nut, just like a cashew or a walnut? Have never been sure on that. But then you provided the answer on your page, An Introduction to the Coconut!

    So I learned something new again from your site…that the coconut is actually a fruit, so thanks for that.


    • Hi Heather

      Thank you again for coming back to comment on my posts.

      Its coconut water for the hangover btw :)

      I will read your article on coconut oil for breast massage , maybe you could do a guest spot on my site ?

      Yes the coconut fruit is called a drube,

      Thanks again for dropping by my site


      • Hi Tim,

        Thanks for pointing out that it’s coconut water that’s good for a hangover and not coconut oil. Helps alot if I wear my glasses when reading! ☺ Would love to do a guest post on your site. Just say the word.


  7. Hey Tim

    What a wicked site. At the moment home is directly under a coconut tree! Several of them in fact so I kind of have no excuses now not to use the ones that land on my roof during the night.
    I certainly wasn’t aware of the breast massage or lubrication factor – perhaps a new niche for my dropped coconuts!
    All the best and can’t wait for the next post!

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