Coconut for the Beach


Coconut for the Beach? Are you heading off on a sunny holiday ? Are you putting together a list of items to take with you ? You going to pack lots of chemical filled products such as sunscreen? After sun, … Continue reading

Can coconut oil help acne ?

coconut oil help acne

Can coconut oil help acne? Some say wholeheartedly yes and others say no way !! This article will look at how coconut oil may help with acne. What is Acne? Acne is a non-infectious common skin condition that most of … Continue reading

Coconut oil and hair growth

coconut oil and hair growth

Coconut oil and hair Growth? I think this is a somewhat ambiguous question that should really be split into two separate questions as follows : Can coconut oil promote hair regrowth ? There are many that say it can promote … Continue reading