An Introduction To The Coconut

What is a coconut and where does it come from?

coconut introThe coconut palm, Cocos nucifera is a tree that grows in the tropics and subtopics. The majority of the worlds coconuts come from Indonesia, The Philippines and India.

It has a smooth trunk and can grow to almost 100 foot tall. The leaves of the tree are feather like and snap of easily which is why the trunk is so smooth.

The coconut palm produces fruit called coconuts. These are not nuts they are drupe.

The coconut floats and hence islands in the tropics are populated because of this type of dispersal of the drupes.

The drupe is made up of three layers.

If you look at the image above you can clearly see the three layers.

1. The exocarp the outer casing

2. The mesocarp this is the hairy fibrous part.

3. The endocarp this is the familiar hard shell.

The inner fleshy white part is the copra.

The name coconut comes from the Spanish word Coco meaning Head or Skull. The reason for this is the three marks on the shell that could be mistaken for looking like a grinning face.


 tree of lifeWhat Can The Coconut Palm And The Coconut Be Used For ?

All of the parts of the coconut palm  can be used by us.

In fact people of Polynesia call it “The Tree of life”.


Here are just a few of the uses, the upcoming posts on this website will show you hundreds more !

broken-coconut1.  The White fleshy part of the coconut which is found when breaking the shell is formed by the endosperm which is the fluid suspension inside the coconut depositing layers inside the inner shell.

This is edible and is often dried and used in cooking but is delicious eaten raw.



2.  The tree can be used in construction.Palmwood house





3.  The water from inside the coconut is a refreshing and healthy drink it is a very good source of potassium.

coconut jewel4.  The shells can be used as bowls, cooking accessories for steaming food, making jewellery and of course imitating a horse on the gallop.





5.  The oil has many many health benefits and beauty applications

Just as yourself how many products such as shampoo, conditioner, tanning oil have coconut oil as one of the main ingredients. Loads yeah ?

JENOPTIK DIGITAL CAMERA6.  The Husk can be used to make ropes and mats.

This is a skill that will take lots and lots of husks and a fair amount of  time. The rope when complete though will be extremely strong and last a  very long time.



7.  The large leaves of the palm can be used to make roofs and shelters

8.  The sap is collected and used for many things including making sugar and vinegar.

9.  Coconut oil can be used as a bio fuel.

10.  The roots of the tree can be used to treat ailments such as diarrhea and other digestive problem.

scale11.  The coconut has been shown to have weight loss benefits.




12.  Coconut oil pulling helps to treat bad gums

13.  Coconut oil can be used as a toothpaste

14.  Coconut oil has antibacterial and well as anti viral properties and has many uses in treating bad skin, dandruff,  coldsores and many other conditions.

Piña_Colada15.  It tastes great in booze and is an ingredient in a great many cocktails like the pina colada



So now we know a little about the Coconut Tree

We have had a little introduction to its structure and its fruit(drupe) the coconut, where it can be found and just a few of its many many uses.

I Hope you enjoyed this quick getting to know the coconut and hope you will enjoy reading the more detailed articles to come.


Please feel free to comment below






An Introduction To The Coconut — 33 Comments

    • Thanks Jeffrey I will be over to your site soon as I have a few questions regarding my mechanical lower back pain! been laid up for four weeks now and mu doc still no clue. just increasing painkillers . lol I’ll take this to your site just realised I’ waffling on

      All the best TIM

  1. Hi Love the site. I am a big proponent of coconut too. I grew up in FL and remember fetching them form the beach on opening them. I am amazed at how wonderful they are. YOu charted their uses well giving more information than I did in my post. I love that you added the drinks. But I am using it and see the realities of its benefits. Good work.

    • Hey Cawells, thank you so much.

      I have taken the time to view your site and can only say that I agree that your use of the coconut is working for you !! :)

      Please note that this is just a brief introduction and there is much more to come.

      All the best Tim

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize how many different ways you can use coconut! I do a lot of cooking with coconut oil, and I love coconut water. It’s pretty sweet though, do you know what the sugar content in coconut water is?

    If you have any coconut related recipes, I would love to see them! I am not much of a cook, but can definitely follow a recipe.

    I am also curious about using it as a moisturizer – do you think it’s safe to put on my face?

    • Hi
      Thank you for your comments. In answer to your question about coconut oil being safe to use on your face.
      Absolutely yes, it is perfect for use as a conditioner. Try it and let me know how you got on :)


  3. hi, really loved the video, and all that info on a coconut is quite amazing, a few suggestions are that add some more categories to the cocounut niche
    for example :
    buying coconut products, creams,lotions,food, bowls , jewellery etc, expand it into a coconut specialist website
    also this site really taught me one important lesson, doesnt matter what your niche is , if you put in the effort you will get somewhere

    • Hi Sami

      Thanks for your comments,

      The site is in its infancy and a work in progress but please keep coming back to see the progress


    • Hey Kyle thank you so much, the site is a work in progress and i have big plans and ideas for more posts. Stay tuned:)

  4. Hey Tim thanks for this very interesting article. Many of the uses of the coconut I had not been aware of until I read this post. Having spent a couple years on a pacific island I have eaten and drunk many of them. Did you know that the spine of the leaves can be stripped and weaved into a broom. The inside can also be grated, mixed with water then strained which turns it into a fresh coconut sauce which you can add to a plate of fresh fish and cooked arrow root. Umm delicious. Even the shell can be turned into a bra for the women that you’ll see the traditional dancers wear when they’re performing. Thanks for this trip down memory lane and keep adding to this website.

    • Now then Chris, I will for sure try to include a recipe for the fresh coconut sauce.
      I spent quite a lot of time in Belize and the coconut and its water was a fond memory for me too.
      Thanks for your comments and I will try my best to make this site all things coconut

      Cheers Tim

  5. Hey Tim,
    Pretty amazing article about one simple Tree!
    I never knew how much one plant can be used for. I knew some of the points that you mentioned but definitely not 15.
    I myself love the coconut. Not only to eat it but also to drink the water (especially when hungover). I honestly don’t know anything that cures my hangovers quicker than coconut water :)

    I do have one question though, how come some of the coconuts are like you described above with the brown exterior and the three dots and some coconuts are green and much bigger with a smooth outside, like the ones I get when I went to Brazil? Do you have any idea?
    Also just wanted to mention the video didn’t seem to work for me but I know the clip 😉

    Anyway, Great work! Hope to read more of this plant, especially the benefits it has. My girlfriend started using coconut butter to cook with. She uses the same butter to rub on her skin to make it smoother! Isn’t that insane haha!

    Glad I stumbled upon this site! Keep up the good work!


    • Hi Esteban

      Thank you so much for your comments

      A coconut, and all drupes, have three layers: the exocarp (outer layer), the mesocarp (fleshy middle layer), and the endocarp (hard, woody layer that surrounds the seed).

      The coconuts you refer to the green ones are the young but complete coconut drupe, the brown ones you just mentioned are the coconuts with the exocarp removed.

      Glad you liked the site


  6. Wow, the coconut has so many uses! I absolutely LOVE using coconut oil as a moisturizer. It is amazing. I have never seen coconut jewelry, but I bet you could find them in a more tropical area than where I am at. I love the graphics you’ve used on your page, and your clever name “Nutty about Coconuts” :-P. What do you use coconuts for?

    • Hi Whinnie,

      Thank you for your comments,

      If you check out my store you will see some examples of coconut jewellery and lots more available.

      I use coconut oil for pretty much all the uses I have described. I don’t use it to remove make up though lol

      Thanks for dropping by and please come back soon, Recipes being added in the very near future.

  7. I love the smell of fresh coconut! Coconut oil is great on the skin too, but only buy the kind that has a strong fresh coconut smell.

    I learned a lot from your article. I had no idea that coconut could be used in construction. From the picture it looks like beautiful wood. Is it durable?

    • Hi

      Thank you for reading the article,

      Well Coconut wood is indeed durable and can be used in application like all other hard woods, Did you know that coconut trees do not have growth rings? Also as the tree has no branches and only crops of leaves this means that there are no knots either. It is indeed a beautiful looking wood.

      All the best


  8. A great article on coconuts. I absolutely love them and been living in thailand for almost 3 years now and they are available virtually everywhere. There are so many differents way to use them but my favourite is definately the virgin coconut oil. Such a great oil for cooking and everything else and its as healthy as they come! Thanks a lot for putting this out there :-)

  9. Hi Tim

    I am an avid fan of the coconut and I must say that you have done the coconut proud with the info here. Congrats awesome site.

  10. Hi Tim!
    Yep, I’ve recently discovered coconut oil myself, so I’m with you on the benefits. I’ve actually been oil pulling for a week or two now. Just swishing it round my mouth for 20 mins every morning before spitting it out and rinsing. Takes a bit of getting used to but I’m already feeling the benefits. More energy and less of an appetite for starters! I’ve also been using it as a hair conditioner and my hairdressor remarked on the condition of my hair since my last visit.

    Not sure if I’ve dreamnt this……but I’m sure I read somewhere that the coconut is the one food you can live on alone, if you had too. Are you aware of this?? :)
    Love this site, it’s really interesting, Thank you!

  11. Hi Tim,

    Nice, the coconut seems to be a well used commodity.

    I found your article looking for information about coconut oil pulling for gum infections. Do you have any experience in this.
    Also, could you settle an argument, is coconut oil suitable for use on sunburn? I would have thought not but a friend of mine swears it’s good for everything.
    Especially interested about the oil pulling though, is it also a good way o detox?

    • I recently took hols in Gran Canaria and I used coconut oil for sunburn and it worked a treat.I still have the tan and no burn . Could have been luck but I think the oil saved the day.

  12. Hello – I’m the owner of several bottles of expensive bio oils because I was given them by a friend. My friend has frequent surgery and needs oils to help with scarring and any stretch marks.

    She has tried everything on the market from £100 per 15mg tubes of stuff to the cheapest on the market.

    Having tried coconut oil recently she has found that this works just as well if not better than expensive gels and creams so she gave me her entire stock of expensive stuff and highly recommends coconut oils for scarring, etc. I think I’ll chuck the other stuff in the bin where it belongs.

    Hope this helps anyone considering using coconut oils.

    All the very best – Andre

  13. Hello there, you have defined coconut to its smallest detail. I’m from Philippine and we have lots of coconuts in our back yard. Surprisingly this is the first time that I am informed that husks of coconuts can be used to make ropes. LOL! Very informative. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more or your blogs. 😀

  14. This is an excellent article with a great amount of information about this most nutritious, beautifying, useful and much underated food source.
    I use coconut every day in my cooking, my beauty regime, my health regime. It helps me keep slim, I feed it to our birds, who fight over it. I relax with a drink made with it.
    On a cold day, there’s plenty of them here in the UK, we use the shells to start the wood burner. They burn really well and leave a lovely aroma in the house.
    So much information in this great post. Ches

  15. Hi Tim,

    Yes, coconut is amazing…I use it to cook, make all my smoothies, as a lotion, hair oil, etc. Coconut is good for just about everything because its’ so versatile. Some people don’t like the taste or the crunchiness, but that it’s best charm. Don’t you agree? I haven’t found any jewelry or coconut inspired clothes, but I’m sure they’re out there too!

  16. Hi Tim:

    Awesome site, as a Primal-Paleo advocate, coconut is a very important part of this diet. Coconut oil, coconut flakes and so on. Living in Puerto Rico the coconut palm can be found everywhere. Thank you so much for such great information. I booked marked your site so I could keep up to date with your posts.

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