tim-main-300x300Hi There and Welcome to Nutty about Coconuts.

My name is Tim and I have been blogging for about a year now.

I’ve recently been introduced to coconut oil and have used it for a couple of things and it aroused my interest in all thing coconut.

I have totally surprised myself with the things I’ve learned about this amazing natural miracle.

The uses of the coconut are endless and as such it would seem to be the perfect subject for me to unleash my blogging skills ( or lack of) and enlighten as many folk as I can about the potential of coconut products.

I aim to tell you about the health benefits, the beauty uses, culinary delights and even the uses around the home and as jewellery.

Please feel free to request any information you feel I have not included in any of my posts and please comment and share freely to your social media accounts.

I will be making this site as fun as I can and any input you may have either as a guest blogger or just a friendly contributor of coconut trivia will be greatly appreciated.

Ok, lets start with a Joke

Today, a guy put a gun to my head and demanded a coconut-filled chocolate bar.

I hate Bounty Hunters.

Yeah yeah Rubbish I know but things will get a whole lot nuttier on the inside

Please enjoy this




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  1. When the conocut is very young the meat will be a clear gel. As it gets older the conocut water will transform the meat into a white hard fibrous flesh that you are familiar with.Regarding the fat content, the cholesterol changes as the flesh changes. The clear gel, I have read, contains beneficial fats. The harder the meat becomes, the higher the levels of saturated fat it will contain.There has been some controversy regarding the healthfulness of mature white conocut meat.

    • Karla there is no cholesterol in any part of the coconut.

      You sure right about the controversy of coconut please read my introduction to the coconut and the health benefits of the water and oil


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